Visual Identity for Free State Kitchen

Free State Kitchen is a burger restaurant based in Liverpool. I created a brand identity for a burger restaurant that caters to the young generation. The restaurant will be a fun and trendy destination for young customers looking for an affordable and delicious burger experience. The restaurant is surrounded by universities and is in the city centre, however is not popular with the younger generation. The brand should reflect the restaurant's personality and style while appealing to the target audience.

The brand personality should be fun, energetic, and trendy. The burger restaurant should be a place where customers can enjoy a quick and satisfying meal in a lively environment. The brand should exude a sense of excitement and appeal to young people who are looking for a fun dining experience.

The burger restaurant's target market is young people between the ages of 16 and 25. These customers are typically students and young professionals seeking a quick meal while enjoying a social experience. They are interested in trendy and aesthetic destinations.

The brand identity is colourful, playful, and modern. The logo is eye-catching and easily recognisable. The typography is bold and modern, with clean lines and a fun aesthetic. The colour scheme is vibrant and bold, with bright shades of red, yellow, green, pink and blue. The imagery is fun and playful, with illustrations of burgers and other menu items that convey a sense of excitement and energy.